“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”                                                                      – Aristophanes

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With Canada’s questionable involvement in Afghanistan to enforce a corrupt US puppet regime, in order to secure the future oil pipeline from Kazakhstan, I found myself digging in my old Afghanistan prints from the 70’s. I was just a 19-year-old kid hitch hiking from Germany to Nepal and back, here riding local busses with the proud and welcoming Pashtuns and Uzbeks through this amazing country. It was all before the big world powers found interest in it. I had my dad’s Contax, a handheld light meter, and bought film wherever I could find some. It’s amazing to see how I took photographs then, innocent and naive, guided just by intuition, not knowing anything. Maybe that is sometimes a good thing. “The Best way to go into unknown territory is to go in ignorance”   –  Dorothea Lange.   The prints are all faded now and I started to scan them, but instead of recovering the colours, decided to leave them that way, even  enhancing the grungy texture and antique look. Imagine a group of these retros, nicely framed – instead of cheesy colours and the postcard look. It’s impossible to describe the emotions and memories going through my mind when seeing these images, but I sure hope you enjoy them a bit too.

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One response to ““Afghanistan…then”

  • PatB

    These are wonderful Klaus, I’m so glad you did not restore them for posting.

    Each is a story within a story… the peoples’ story and your story. Incredible captures and at 19 years old, it just confirms for me that talent and creativity are inherent.

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these treasures Klaus, thank you for sharing them!

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