“Beyond Reality”

“Once the mind has been stretched by a new idea, it will never return to its original size”                                    – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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As opposed to a painter or sculptor, who can start from pure imagination, photography starts always at something existing. But, contrary to common believe, the camera never captures exact reality, never copies what the eye sees, even if intended. And why not go further – why not free photography from that cliché, why not allow, as in all other visual art forms, the freedom of im-and expressionism, of abstract or non-representational imagery. There is an essential distinction between natural observation and personal creation. Painstakingly re-creating what we see is mindless and serves no purpose in art. Here, through in-camera techniques like off-register multi-exposures, combined with  change of focus, aperture, focal length, plus erratic movements and rotation during exposure, we can leave the conventional boundaries of photography behind. We are able to join the freedoms enjoyed by painters and sculptors. The notion of ‘making’, as opposed to ‘taking’ a photograph gains dramatically and becomes unavoidably visible. Creativity and personal expression now strongly trumps documentation. The subject matter here consists of mostly branches, sparkling ice surfaces, glare on water, a tree line at sunset, metal structures – anything with high contrast works. All the above has been done in-camera without any Photoshop layers/trickery. With manual film cameras, multi exposures were achieved by simply not winding the film forward and by applying some exposure compensation. A multi-exposure feature is needed for digital caneras, but the remaining techniques will also leave a lot to explore.

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2 responses to ““Beyond Reality”

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  • PatB

    I have always loved your top main image, attracted to the beautiful curves of the birds’ wings and then deeper against the lines of the trees. So may gorgeous elements in this image. I also wonder how my response would differ did I not recognize the birds since I still seek to recognize something in an image, even with impression and abstract a favourite area of art.

    After enjoying these latest images and considering your comments for awhile, I’d be interested in how you would define “art”.

    Thanks for sharing Klaus!

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