“You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus” –  Mark Twain

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Before you think I have nothing else on my mind than wild experiments and ‘non-representational expressionism’ (as in many of the recent posts), I picked a few ‘regular’ landscapes here for you. Don’t think that’s easy stuff…it’s actually one of the hardest things to make traditional colour-landscapes without looking ‘cheesy’, ‘pretty postcard’, ‘travel magazine’, or just ‘nice’. Who wants to see another ‘mountain’, ‘lake’, ‘loon – sunset’, hanging over the sofa? (the most apostrophes in a few sentences I’ve ever seen!…what does that say…sarcastic or what?) Anyways,  I don’t spend much time on colour landscapes, and I would be lying if I had more than a dozen acceptable keepers of that kind in a year. Even some of those I would rather consider using as B&Ws. But there can be exceptions. Being Colour Landscapes and being so ‘regular’ and ‘real’, one has to look even harder for the ‘special touch’, an outstanding feature, extraordinary light, etc…, and it can be quite a challenge. For me, shooting way before sunrise / after sunset is pretty much the rule for fair weather. Otherwise, overcast, foggy or rainy days are nice. or dramatic storm clouds. Winter is best because it simplifies and eliminates clutter, lush summer and blue sky is worst. This selection here is what I could find, some more recent, but most scanned from slides and sometimes a bit grainy. Actually, going through old stock from way back is quite interesting and enlightening in regards to some honest self-criticism. I’m not sure if these pass my own criteria (or your’s), but hope they are good examples – for good or bad.

Your comments are appreciated

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One response to ““Landscape…colour”

  • PatB

    I find I’m not doing many landscapes anymore either for many of the reasons you mention – I soon realized they are all the same, 50 shots of the same boring scene from different directions but still boring. Your examples point out very clearly what is lacking and what we should be looking for to make the images more interesting and more importantly, worth making.

    I’m always culling out images to make room for new and this will make it much easier to let go of most of the landscapes from the last couple of years! I do keep some to be able to look back and and critique my progress. Good article Klaus…

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