“To stop rushing around, to sit quietly on the grass, to switch off the world and come back to earth, to allow the eye to see a willow, a bush, a cloud, a leaf, is an unforgettable experience”                 Frederick Frank –  “The Zen Of Seeing”   

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They are back – unless they never left. Especially the hummingbirds are a sure sign of spring. If you have a half-decent telephoto lens (or zoom-setting), you can enjoy a close look at the little dinosaurs, with details hardly seen with bare eyes. A bird feeder, camera ready, mounted on a tripod, on the deck or through a clean window, is all you need.  You get nice, soft backgrounds if trees and branches are not too close behind the feeder, or eliminate clutter altogether by aiming at the sky. A wide-open aperture blurs the background and gives you at the same time a fast shutter speed to freeze erratic movements.  The faster the shutter speed, the better, especially for the hummers. I found that 1/4000 of a sec. barely freezes the wings, but why even try. Head and body sharp, while the wings are a blur, shows even more what a hovering hummer is all about. Light is important. Overcast is always good for the object itself, but will give you a white, blown-out sky (if visible). I altered the hummingbird feeder to only one nectar-outlet, so that the bird has to approach facing west and I can shoot with the light in the afternoons at a nicely illuminated bird. I also took off the little plastic sitting-bar, so the hummer has to hover in the air, which also enables me to exclude the ugly plastic feeder from the picture. Pretty nasty? No, it isn’t – that’s what they do in nature anyways. But it’s a nice little project, some improvisation and problem solving, great fun and results in nice, clean, clutter-free images. But in the end, you decide how you want your images to look like – you’re in charge – master of your domain! ‘Making’ instead of ‘Taking’  (if the birds cooperate)

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