“On The Rocks”

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? ….. The one I’m going to take tomorrow”                                                              –  Imogen Cunningham




“People say photographs don’t lie. Utter nonsense-mine do…all do”  David LaChapelle




© Klaus Rossler copyright 2011 

A selection of images from the amazing Pukaskwa National Park – some a bit ‘postcardy’, but with a twist, at least…I hope.  I always aim to make the image very simplistic, eliminate as much clutter as possible. Minimalism and lots of negative space – the space that is nothing, but something. By pushing this approach to the extreme, I took a number of shots showing nothing else than the horizon line – sky and water, at different light and weather conditions. It doesn’t get any more simplistic than that. Many of these landscapes are long exposures of 10 – 30 seconds, to create the blurred water. Thanks to a polarizer and the crystal clear water one can see to great depth. It reminds me of tropical coral reefs and I want to dive in, but…L.S. gets rarely warmer than 5 degrees C! Anyhow, I don’t know what it is about colour landscapes – just too real…too cheezy…too ‘Batemanesque’…? In the end many of the above will end up as Black & Whites, if printed. Definitely ment to be in colour though are hundreds of close-ups of rock formations and lichen. The variety of colours and textures is mind-boggling and there is a definite a danger of getting carried away. More of those some other time.  Even after getting up every morning at 4:30, the days are still too short and fly by. In an ‘out-of-this-world’ place like this there is never a moment without new inspiration and ideas, always something new catches the eye. The greatest problem is actually to not run out of batteries and memory, since it is days of paddle away from anything. Especially the long exposures take a lot of juice. When will they finally come up with a solar charger for designated camera batteries? These photo-gear people just hang out too much near electrical outlets – I guess. ‘How was the weather?’, people ask. Well – just perfect. Many overcast days, storms and lightning, huge waves, dramatic clouds, some rain, a couple of foggy days, only a few boring blue sky days – just perfect. Bad weather is good weather.

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4 responses to ““On The Rocks”

  • Ros

    Lieber klaus, es ist einfach fantastisch. Vielen dank! Ros

  • Hana Beitl art

    Great selection, Klaus. I often wonder how do you narrow down to just a few images from such an array of fantastic shots that you have brought home from Pakaskwa this time. As always, I wish that more people can experience your work – work of aesthetical merit that needs to be shared and cherished, to say at least! Hana

  • PatB

    Incredible series Klaus… this taste of where you “travel” to with your art is a place few of us will ever experience but through your beautiful work.


  • Elaine

    Klaus, I can seldom find words adequate to describe your amazing photography! Viewing these photos is an expereince unto itself – the colours, contrasts and shapes all draw me into this lakeside Shangrila in such a beautful way. You are obviously one with your surroundings as you take each photo and capture this exquisite natural environment.
    Thanks for sharing your work for all to see and enjoy! I love it!!

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