“The key to seeing the world’s soul, and in the process wakening one’s own, is to get over the confusion by which we think that fact is real and imagination is an illusion……..It’s the other way around!”   –   Thomas Moore –  ‘The Original Self’




“Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.”   –   Jules de Gaultier


“Everything you can imagine is real.”    – Pablo Picasso


© Klaus Rossler copyright 2011

An additional series from the rocky shores of Lake Superior (Pukaskwa National Park), but with a different twist. Because the grandeur of the land/seascape is naturally so overwhelming, it’s easy to end up with many, very pretty, but cheesy romantic sunsets and super-saturated landscapes you’ll find on postcards. I tried to avoid this by concentrating only on sky and water – no details, no main focal point, no foregrounds – well, kinda’. We all know similar approaches in painting, the geometrical division of the canvas just by lines or colours. Why not in photography? Abstraction – concentrating on the elements – line, texture, space, etc, … instead of the content and its label. (see my statement for more) It’s always demanding, but essential, to imagine and create something beyond a pretty picture. Something not necessarily pleasing, but visually challenging or provoking, something that might get exhibited in a gallery instead of making the front page of a tourist brochure. Something that challenges the photographer as well as the viewer. I always like to think in groups or series of a certain theme or approach. Here, one could call it a celebration of minimalism, light and negative / empty space – the space that is nothing, but something and is so important.  Some images are in-camera multi-exposures with their impressionistic feel, departing even more from the representational. Others are mere 50/50 division of water and sky – it doesn’t get any more simple than that. Spending 3 weeks by yourself with dramatic vistas like that and ever-changing stimulation at every minute of the day, it must make an impression and leave you with creative ideas beyond the ordinary pretty picture.

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One response to ““Horizons”

  • PatB

    I’ve looked at these beautiful images more than a few times, fascinated by your objective here. What I realized tonight is that I still want the photograph to record the scene before me rather than portray my impression of it… it’s difficult to let go! We’ll have to have a conversation one day about reality and imagination – what you have given us in these images is real, not imagined – those horizons, that light… they are real, it’s just that you can see it and perhaps we cannot? Ah, to see what you see just for one day! 🙂

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