“Black & White II”

“Black & White photography is one imagery way of loosing reality for the benefit of a more personal and emotional point of view. It’s a form of abstraction and helps us to abandon labels and logic, deepening the viewing experience”



“Black and White photography strips the image down to its basic form and forces it to stand alone on the merits of form and composition”   –  Judy Mandolf

“Black & White photography is like chiseling a diamond – it discards the inessential to reveal the substance”                           –   Carol Devillers


“Mono tonal imagery takes away the commotion of colour, making the elements of design clear to its audience”  –   Polly Norman


“Black and White photography is telling the story with light, sometimes concealed and mysterious and other times clear and confronting”  – Ine de Louw


“A B&W photograph leaves the viewer’s interpretations free from the distractions and influence of colour”   –   Linda Elliot

“When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes.  But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!”  –  Ted Grant


Klaus Rossler © copyright 2011

Some more B&Ws, recent and older, no specific subject – they only have one thing in common…they are black and white…duotones, to be exact, with a hint of a tint. Instead elaborating about B&W versus Colour, I include lots of quotes about the topic, which say things so much better than I could.         Cheers

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One response to ““Black & White II”

  • PatB

    Thank you for this post Klaus… I’m learning to appreciate what the words are telling me from studying these fine examples. The dramatic skies in the landscapes are wonderful and easy to feel. I have always been drawn to the Coke image, still not sure why it is so attractive to me but easy to just enjoy. Enjoyed this post!

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