“Photography is not about capturing a scene   –   it’s about expressing yourself”



“At Dawn – I see magic in the soft light of dawn. I feel quiet, yet intense energy in the natural elements of our habitat. A sense of magic prevails, a sense of mystery. It’s time for contemplation, for listening  …  it’s time for making Photo-Graphs”


“When was the last time you went outside for the sole purpose of looking at the way the light falls on the land?”


The Canoe – not only is it one of the main reason this country (Canada) exists in its present borders, the only vehicle capable of navigating the vast waterways of the north at the time (and mostly now), but also is it one of the most sophisticated 3-dimensional forms ever created.
As a photographer, on one hand, it is THE only way (in these parts) of getting me, in a quiet and pleasant way, to otherwise  inaccessible places … and many magical shots would not exist without it. On the other, I was always fascinated by itself –  as the subject, like a sculpture … how the light reflects from its surface, its curvature, in every dimension. I think there is not one straight line in a (good) canoe at all, with the exception of some rather ugly examples at large box stores, with straight and flat bottoms, no tumblehome, barely any bow / stern curvature. The renowned (Chestnut) ‘Prospector’ shape not only functions and handles best in all situations, but also is the most aesthetical to look at. Not mentioning its 850 lbs capacity, it gets me with 30 kg of photo gear, plus food and supplies for three weeks comfortably through rivers, lakes, rapids and swamps … and around Lake Superior – a rather ocean-like environment.
As you can see above, I’ve got sidetracked many times and ended up shooting the canoe, or included it in the scene. It makes a great, acomplishing foreground object and you can arrange it anyway you want, but often becomes the main subject.
Propped up with a rock on one side – a little over to the left – a little more from the top – changing perspective, lines and reflections. The Canoe – a great visual object, a beautiful and indispensable tool to master, and – for me – the most Canadian symbol representing this country.

all images: Klaus Rossler © copyright 2011

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One response to ““Canoes”

  • PatB

    These are spectacular Klaus… I love the light dancing on the canoes and just bringing such life to these images. Rich and powerful, drawing me right into each vista. Enjoyed your article as well, the canoe is not something I’ve given much thought to.

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