“Still Life”

“Light is the first of all painters. There is no object so fowl that intense light will not make it beautiful”                                                              – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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“Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing; light is everything.”                   -Leonard Misonne


Klaus Rossler © copyright 2011

You don’t always feel like chasing the sensational in light and subject in the outdoors. Sometimes its nice to hang out at home and create your own little setting, in subject matter and lighting – controlling every aspect of the outcome. They could be called Still Lifes – and sometimes remind me of the old Dutch masters, often paintings of fruit, vegetables and kitchen utensils – dark and beautifully lit. They are – painting or photograph – studies in composition, colour, light … practising and experimenting on objects readily available around you. Its ‘Making’ photographs in its purest sense. The fun is to arrange objects, play with light, create a background, fine-tune camera angle and framing (tripod is a must) – to press the button at the end is the least. Seeing the end result is rewarding, but the process … the journey, not the destination … is the real pleasure and your creativity is only limited by your imagination. For example, what appears to be blue smoke coming from the candle is actually the tip of a tiny LED flashlight, moved around over the candle during exposure of several seconds. Amazingly, the camera does not register the flashlight body and my hand. Camera set to self-timer, you have both hands free to point small lights, hold reflectors, backgrounds etc. No daylight needed, it’s the perfect photography project (but also creatively and visually in general) – great fun, at home, with short days, in the dead of winter.

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