“Blog-Fog…or…Playing the High Key”

“When was the last time you went outside for the sole purpose of looking at the way the light falls on the land?”



“Light is the first of all painters. There is no object so fowl that intense light will not make it beautiful” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The ‘grade 4 phenomenon’ or ‘slump’  has been documented across cultures. We get formatted by the school system, trained to obey preset norms, where reason and logic are considered appropriate, while humor, intuition, spontaneity and fantasy are considered foolish or illogical. We learned to look outward for approval instead of inward. We surrender to popular opinion; we are being shaped into followers and sheep. Doctrines of fashion, religion, life style and advertisements control our lives, while we hand over individuality and imagination”  – Richard Martin

As always – bad weather is good weather. And so is fog. Especially in the fall there is a good chance to find yourself in fog, particularly in the early mornings. Well, its spring now – I’ll try to find something “springy” next time. But the important thing about fog is: it turns things monochrome (or almost), and high-key, meaning, everything is light, less contrasty, without blacks or dark values. And that’s how it should be. Beware of ‘Auto’ – camera settings or ‘Auto-fixes’ in any editing software. They will always try to even-out the image, to make it ‘medium’ – turning it darker. As always, it’s the light that we are after. Terms like tranquility, peaceful, quiet, mysterious…in visual media is always depicted by … you guessed it… visual qualities – not words. And that’s first and foremost light, then maybe colour. And composition. Less busy images accomplish fog and tranquility. It’s ok to make a photo that shows almost nothing. Simplicity is usually an asset – the simpler, the less clutter, the stronger the image gets. All these were made on Lake Nipigon, years ago, in September. Again, its spring now, but there is something to look forward to.

Klaus Rossler © copyright

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