“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”                                                                       Albert Einstein

Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0722 copy 2


Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0593 copy 2

“Reality is something you rise above.”     –    Liza Minnelli

Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0348 copy

Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0241 copy 2     Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0239 copy 2

Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0781 copy 2

Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0776 copy 2

Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0579 copy 2

Pukaskwa_MayJune-2013_0379 copy 2

I like to depart from reality. All creativity is about the distinction between the natural design observed and the personal design created … impression instead of recording.
But here we have more of the ‘real’ thing … at least at first sight. Let’s not forget that NO photograph simply duplicates what the eye sees, let alone the final, mental image that our brain creates, called perception. And you, the viewer, perceive something else again.
Anyways … the landscape, or here seascape, is usually closely attached to realism and presented itself pretty closely to what we see here. But, besides perception, there are also the little technical tricks, like aperture settings / depth of field, long shutter speeds / blur of movement, ND grad filters, and more. Darkroom-work adds another level of personal touch. Ansel Adams stated that 50% of a photograph’s impact and success is darkroom work, which then was a chemical darkroom and now is a digital one.

The examples here all (except one) feature a low waterline, focusing more on the sky … as long as the sky is interesting. I also captured many new shots for my ‘Horizons’ series –  where the horizon often divides sky and water equally or is located in the upper part and mainly focuses on abstraction and negative space. But more on that next time.
These samples here are pretty ‘real’ and reflect the fantastic visual power of nature, including some ‘Jesus Pictures’, as I call them – you know … the threatening light beams out of majestic clouds as in silly religious publications.
All in all, nature put up some fantastic shows for me and I’m glad I had took the shots.

(all images are from Pukaskwa National Park)

Klaus Rossler © copyright

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