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“The Weed”

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”  – Leonardo da Vinci



“In the beginning was simplicity”    Richard Dawkins



I don’t know the name of it (and really don’t care). The images have been sitting on file for a while – one of these little objects I bring home and prop them up for some shots.
At the time the question was: What to do with them? How to set the lighting? Light or dark background? Colour or B&W? How to frame, how much negative space? 
Later/Now I stumble upon them and they make a good conversation piece. How did they come to be? Maybe “inspiration” for some … for lack of a better word. Don’t like that word though. Origin: ‘spiritus, us, m., Lat: the ghost … “spiritualism” = “the believe in ghosts”. As if creative people were getting up in the morning and sit around, waiting for some divine input from above … nonsense … no ghosts, no spirits … creativity comes from YOU, from your brain – playing, experimenting, risk-taking, making mistakes … work !! 
Back to the topic 🙂 … Long winter nights … perfect for little studies of light and shape … with anything, even weeds … “the object is meaningless … the light is everything” It’s all up to you … to make something out of nothing … 
Neville’s single malt is waiting … Cheers!!

PS: could have titled it just “Weed” – but it would have created false expectations 🙂

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