Process & Materials

My images are often the result of careful planning, considering weather and seasons, of strenuous hikes or paddles, chasing the light at odd times of the day. Or, contrarily, of vague ideas and intuitions, spontaneous impulses and split-second reactions to the unexpected. In any case, they are always shaped by the search for the odd and unusual, the recognition of the minor and hidden, the urge to abstract and to depart from labels and reality.

I shoot professional Nikon cameras and their top of the line lenses, resulting in images of superior sharpness and resolution, suited for large prints of highest quality with no visible grain or noise, as well as for professional quality commercial reproduction.

After basic adjustments in the editing stage, similar to the procedures in the traditional darkroom, images are printed on professional inkjet printers, resulting in what is known as Giclée Prints. By printing in high resolutions of up to 2880 dpi (drops per inch) the quality of these prints surpasses by far the results from your regular photo lab. The pigment inks used consist of 9 different colours, including 4 blacks, for the most colour-true reproduction and finest nuances in Black & Whites.

I use the finest papers by Epson® and Hahnemühle®, either cold pressed Fine Art Papers, made from cotton rag with a matte finish, or premium Photographic Papers in a luster finish, for the true look of traditional darkroom prints. Papers and inks are archival and guaranteed to be lightfast and colour true in excess of 100 years.
I usually avoid canvas / canvas-like surfaces, as I don’t believe in imitating other media in photography.

The entire process of editing, printing, matting and framing is done in single application in my studio. Prints are hinge-mounted, moving freely in changing humidity, to stay flat and to avoid bulging. All materials used in the framing process are acid free.
I only offer a small selection of frame-styles, as displayed in shows and exhibitions, usually in silver-gray and pewter tones – neutral and understated in shape and colour – to accomplish, but not over-power the image.
Other than matted & framed, prints are also available just matted or as print only, leaving you with the option of using the services of your local framer for a wide variety of mats and frames.

Prints are signed & numbered, limited to editions of 100 or 25.

Purchases can be made by contacting me directly. Instead of automated, on-line ordering, I prefer discussing possible options for paper, custom sizes, borders, matting, etc., personally. I accept payment by cheque, Visa and through PayPal.

Please visit my website for image-slide shows and details, or contact me personally for questions, requesting a free portfolio CD or possible commercial use.


Other services offered: Custom PhotographyPhoto Restoration – Transfer to Digital of Prints, Slides, Negatives

I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I do making them.

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