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“The Weed”

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”  – Leonardo da Vinci




“In the beginning was simplicity”    Richard Dawkins



I don’t know the name of it (and really don’t care). The images have been sitting on file for a while – one of these little objects I bring home and prop them up for some shots.
At the time the question was: What to do with them? How to set the lighting? Light or dark background? Colour or B&W? How to frame, how much negative space? 
Later/Now I stumble upon them and they make a good conversation piece. How did they come to be? Maybe “inspiration” for some … for lack of a better word. Don’t like that word though. Origin: ‘spiritus, us, m., Lat: the ghost … “spiritualism” = “the believe in ghosts”. As if creative people were getting up in the morning and sit around, waiting for some divine input from above … nonsense … no ghosts, no spirits … creativity comes from YOU, from your brain – playing, experimenting, risk-taking, making mistakes … work !! 
Back to the topic 🙂 … Long winter nights … perfect for little studies of light and shape … with anything, even weeds … “the object is meaningless … the light is everything” It’s all up to you … to make something out of nothing … 
Neville’s single malt is waiting … Cheers!!

PS: could have titled it just “Weed” – but it would have created false expectations 🙂

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“Bulb to Image”

“Do not play what’s there … play what’s not there”  –   Miles Davis


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Well … again … flowers … this time on the realistic side

We’ve got surprised by this little bulb, sitting around all winter, almost forgotten. It turned into a huge Amaryllis with four white flowers. So I set up my stuff – camera, tripod – plus desktop lamp, black foam board as background – all a very simple setup, regular household stuff. A bit of natural light from the window too. I also have a little LED flashlight for a bit of light-painting during exposure – washing over certain areas of the flower with the beam to open some shadows or enhance highlights.
Yes – ‘Making Photo-Graphs’ … as opposed to ‘recording’ … anything that makes a stronger image goes … composition, light, contrast, multi-exposures…
I tried a few multy-exposures with changing focus, but wasn’t too impressed this time. It usually creates nice halos around edges, but … oh well. Then I turned everything into B&W with lots of contrast … Ansel Adams would be proud of me!
As much as Bach would have been a Jazzer today, Ansel would have loved the digital darkroom as opposed to the nasty chemical one he spent so much time in, I’m sure.
Anyways, can’t say it often enough how rewarding and how much fun these indoor sessions are … setting up a little still life, playing with the light, background, angles, any object …

… and here we are … just one step left to really finish the job: … The Print
(see http://wp.me/p1pJyU-Dv for more about prints)

let me know what you think.

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“View From The Edge” – in retrospect #5

“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.” – Frank Tibolt

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“Reality is something you rise above.” – Liza Minnelli



“View From The Edge” – in retrospect #5

To wrap it up – this is the last part of this little series about printing, presentation and exhibition. There is not much more to add to what has been said in the 4 previous posts, so I just packed some remaining images in here. Some are smaller in size, but by clicking on them they will enlarge.

A short description:
It starts with some extreme reflections, shot on calm mornings in full sunlight, preferably when the trees are already lit by the sun, but the water below is not. Next are reflections as well, but printed from the colour negative – another little technique to – you guessed it – alter reality. Next are two panels of reeds, original and reflection, divided and as one, colour and B&W. I especially like the diffused, soft look in the coloured reeds by shooting wide open. Then we have an example of seeing the sky by looking down , called ‘Openings’ – the sky peeking through a lead in spring-ice and in a puddle – a play with reality, yet without any special techniques. Then there are burned trees – from the “Skeletons” series and a close look at the textures created by fire. And lastly, spring-time ice sheets drifting by.  If you are not told, you might think looking at the sky with bands of clouds. Well … you are looking at the sky, but not up there…

Again – please check out the complete series HERE and many related topics under ‘Topics – Prev. Posts’ in the side bar HERE.

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