“View From The Edge” – description

Since moving to Canada, and especially since moving to Northern Ontario, the landscape of the Canadian Shield had a tremendous influence on me – visual and emotional.

This body of work, under the title “View from the Edge”, is based on my connectedness with the land and specifically, with the water – always present and the only means of transportation in the remote areas of the shield. It deals with my experiences and  visions at the water’s edge.

I want to point the viewer towards the juxtapositions of micro- and macro cosmos, the connections between one’s view down, forward and up. I intend to show the relation between the often overlooked detail beneath our feet and the grand vista.

The ‘Longing’ series, eight images of distant islands, represent the urge as well as the fear of crossing dark and turbulent waters. These images, though more of a traditional and realistic nature, represent an essential part of my experiences, the creation of all other images and the entire body of work.

On the other hand, as depicted in the ‘Liquescence” series, I have a strong interest in the visual transformation of solid matter into liquid matter – in the way objects transform into liquid shapes, when reflected in water. Through this process the object’s original identity is lost and new worlds of shape, colour and texture are offered.

I want to emphasize the pure power of design, hoping to free the viewer from reality and labels, experiencing a strong visual sensation, based on emotion instead of logic.

Finally, in regards to the medium of photography and its common, and unjust association with recording of reality, its important to me to point out the ability and necessity to distinguish between the ‘realness’ in front of the lens and the ‘abstractness’ of the resulting image, the difference between the natural design observed and the personal design created  – the challenge to capture the perceived rather than facts – photography as a creative process beyond mere recording and documentation.

Klaus Rossler  –  Sept. 2009


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